Mortgage Foreclosures Surplus Fu

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I am trying to learn everything about Mortgage Foreclosures Surplus Funds. Now, I know why everyone only works Tax Sale Surplus Funds. The information is very limited.Is there any Ebook / Webinar specifically on Mortgage Surplus Funds? My State is not very clear about what form is needed to file. Do I contact the Trustee for verification of the form or the county Treasurer ?

Are you a potential recipient? The former owner? Typically, the trustee will notice those subject to notice, that there may be potential surplus funds and that if there are, you can make claim to those funds, if you have a right to make a claim.

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I was interested in California until I read you have to disclose the source of the do you get around this ?

 Huh? Who has to disclose the source of what funds? Get around what? If you are not a party to the foreclosure, there is no money for you to claim.