The worst FC to date.

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Below is an email I received from our Agent about the lockout at our favorite property:

“Update. That was one of the most violent setouts that I or the bailiff has ever seen. Dennis ended up lying to the cop the night before the setout telling him that he was already out. We showed up with our largest crew ever and worked with the bailiff and the enforcement officer for Delhi township. The bailiff did a good job keeping things from getting violent as borrower brother was very upset and talked about guns and shooting people. Shockingly, they had young kids there. The bailiff had our crew move about one half of the garage into the driveway so that borrower was no longer permitted access to the home. Dennis asked several times for access which I denied. Once the crap was in the driveway, the neighbors came out and started to complain because they were having people over for the holiday weekend. The enforcement officer for  township agreed with the neighbors and asked us to have everything cleaned up for the weekend. One officer tells us to move it out, the other officer tells us to move it in, so we did both.

The bailiff agreed that it was going to get violent when he left so we placed everything in the driveway and then resecured the house with the bailiff doing the final walk through. We left borrower to load all of the crap, and do mean it was crap.

When I came back the next morning about 75% of the crap was still in the driveway and it looked awful. We then moved all of that crap back inside the two car garage and resecured the property. We then cut the grass so that the neighbors understood that we were keeping our end of the promise.

Tuesday morning we took two more loads of miscellaneous crap to the dump. I imagine we have a couple more days of going to the dump to have the house cleared.

Cleanout bill is going to come in at $5300 and will be done by Saturday afternoon.”

There is moldy carpeting in the basement that will have to be removed, along with a couple feet of drywall up all the walls (too bad to leave for marketing). We have one verbal bid of $4850 for the removal/disposal and I’ve requested a second bid for the work.

We are making progress!

We bought this pre-foreclosure note 2 years ago. Attempted work out but no cooperation. 

I'm thinking the title was a misnomer as your story had nothing to do with the foreclosure but instead, the eviction after the foreclosure. Either way, sad but common story. Borrowers quit paying, lose the home in foreclosure and now the buyer is the bad guy.