Residential Foreclosure - Dun & Bradstreet

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I am a small business owner. I asked Dun & Bradstreet if my personal credit appears on my LLC's D&B report. They said in most cases, it does not, but that residential foreclosures & personal bankruptcies may, although they could not elaborate.

If I foreclose on my residential home, will it appear on my D&B report?

It could? Is your D&B report under your TIN? or a corporate entity TIN? If under your TIN and the foreclosure is under your TIN, that public record may show.

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I don't know what TIN is on my D&B report.  I haven't gotten a report yet.  The services they offer seem outrageous, so we never signed up for anything.  

 TIN - Tax Payer Identification Number...AKA, Social Security Number.

Thanks Ron.  So I created an account to see my report and sure enough they had the last 4 digits of my SS# so it seems that there is some concern about my personal credit possibly appearing on my report, although it doesn't currently.