Auctions and Pre-foreclosures. When is it too late?

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When is it too late to get a pre-foreclosure deal? If bank scheduled an auction, can you still get the deal? Or is it too late

it's too late once the proverbial gavel has dropped. If you can close the deal before they cry the auction, its yours.

I suspect your question may be more of a "How long do I have and when do I have to start to close a deal before the auction" question. If so, it depends. Is it a cash deal? If so, that's mostly up to you and the seller. How fast can you get into escrow? How fast can you get your cash ready? How fast can you close?

I have foreclosures where seller gets under contract and closes in ten days or less. If i'm scheduled for sale and they can show they can close, i'll even postpone my sale to give them a little breathing room. That said, if I have a dump, and they are trying to get FHA or VA financing, I don't postpone because the chances of closing are slim to none.