Tiny homes, cottages and pocket neighborhoods.

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Stu Holbrook

Real Estate Investor from Portland, Oregon

Oct 19 '11, 10:19 AM

Recently I have become excited with finding affordable options for comfortable and practical living. Tumbleweed Tiny Homes jumped out as did designers like Ross Chapin Architect. I think the growing demographic of older Americans, empty nesters and other individuals and couples would be thrilled to not have to rent, share space, or pay larger utility bills and maintain a space larger than needed. I am coming at this as a land owner. I have lots all over the U S - my question is this , how truly affordable are they? How do they compare to top end mobile homes for example?

Mike Morrison

Contractor from Woodlands, Texas

Oct 19 '11, 11:46 AM

Stu, I've taken a hard look at < 800 sq.ft. affordable housing. First, demographics of the location play a huge part in costing out a project. From my research, I've found this sort of housing is best for 1-2 people max. Next, is the local building codes. Some are so restrictive development is not possible. What I have found is about $30k is avg. for the structure. Plumbing, septic systems increase the sq.ft. cost.
It's a great concept. Look at TinyTexas Houses.com this is an example of the high end unit.

Stu Holbrook

Real Estate Investor from Portland, Oregon

Oct 19 '11, 03:05 PM

Thanks Mike, I took a look, Tiny Texas designs remind me of the old Frontierland at Disneyland, a real wild west feel with the corrugated metal roofs and the interiors. I think the Tumbleweed Tiny Homes have a wider appeal. Since my last post I looked into cottage design via architects, <1300 sq ft, contractors given latitude will render the project over priced it seems. The kit homes seem to be about 25% the total cost in materials and labor. Still looking for feedback regarding manufactured/mobile homes.

Ron Czecholinski

Real Estate Investor from Asheville, North Carolina

Mar 02 '12, 08:28 PM

I have been interested in this type of project for several years and trying to put a small development together in Asheville, NC. I have great property with seller finiancing, the zoning works, and the market is there - but I haven't been able to but the initial cash together for building the first house.

As far as manufactured homes - I don't think there is any comparison and the market is completely different.

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