Steps I am using to buy a 1000 unit Apartment Complex

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A while back, there was a post I read The 6 Human Needs Apply To Business that I have been thinking about. Here is the image that I am borrowing from the OP.

To set this up, I am a big Tony Robbins fan so these points mean a lot to me. Justin asked me what I have been doing to contribute.

It got me thinking, what can I contribute to the BP community to provide value to the group.

I am buying a 1000 unit apartment complex and I have been writing down the steps of my process such as pre-deal review to LOI to negotiation, to PSA, etc. you get the point.

I found this asset off-market and I have been working on it since March 2019. Over the years I have been hitting the seller up in various ways such as calling, emailing, and direct mail. Persistence does pay off. 

Once I get this bad boy closed, maybe one day BP can have me on and I can share the whole story. My last podcast was show 135, so it has been awhile.

For those just getting started, would having a list of some steps putting a syndicated deal together be helpful to read?