Real estate/Securities Attornet in NC?

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Does anyone have any recommendations regarding real estate and/or securities attorneys that they can refer (LOCATED IN NORTH CAROLINA)? We are moving into the Multifamily space and are building our team. Would love to see who/what companies you guys have worked with that do great work!


Are you open to working with a securities attorney out of state? I do, and I can refer to you to a well known name in MN. 

I have worked with Kevin Israel at Venture Law before in Raleigh. As previously mentioned there are a lot of strong out of state options as well if desired. 

@Jeffrey Donis I've used The Denny Law Firm, PLLC in Cornelius, NC for commercial real estate transactions and highly recommend them. Many securities attorneys service clients nationwide and don't need to be local. I've been using Trowbridge Law Group LLP for securities work lately. They're based in CA, but can provide services nationwide.