Danville, Virginia

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Anyone familiar with this Market? It has a small population, and it boarders North Carolina. I live 200 miles from Danville and was considering it a place to invest in Multifamily apartments.

Commercial/Multifamily Investors, what factors do you look at to determine the market you invest in.


Back in the 70's was a small town, still a small town.  I always have had issue with property located too far away.  Even with family where my investments were, there always seemed to be times where I needed to have eyes on the property.  Would consider looking closer to your location vs having to rely on too many external people. 

I live in Danville and have sold a lot of investment properties here.  Most with tenants in place already generating income.  I also provide recommendations for local property management, maintenance etc.  The return is great here!

As a general rule, try to buy real estate next to jobs. 

@Michael Giorgianni - I would be interested to learn more about the market. I see wholesale deals where some are literally $10k for a SFH.