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has anyone used pendo to keep track of there properties ? please tell me if its worth it!

Never heard of them. I use Buildium and they are great. Ive used many programs and I like buildium the best.

I started using Pendo today, so still new to it. I own 5 homes and found the interface easy to navigate. I also like how it quickly shows cashflow for all my units or individually. I also started using Rentec to compare. Although Rentec is clearly more advanced (e.g., notifications), I prefer the look and feel of Pendo. We'll see how it performs in the coming months.

Anyone else have experience with Pendo to share?

Have not used. I use Buildium and it works fine. The problem I have with pm software is that you have to run parts of your business to work within the pm program. I am thinking about making my own custom software specifically geared to the way inthink the biz should run. 

@Alex Craig , please keep us up to date with your programming. I'd personally be quite interested to see what you come up with. Best of luck.

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