$100,008 GOAL !

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A goal is so essential ! Even if you don't know HOW to get there as long as you know WHERE or WHAT you want to be, the how will unravel itself in front of your eyes.

One of my goals is to reach $100,008 in 1 year. Breaking that down, 100,008 divided by 12(month) is 8,334. I just got my license and I'm sure i can reach that goal but in lieu, I want that in the form of residual from investment properties. That would take a lot of time & rental properties (no gripe). 

For those who accomplished my goal or are on the brink of doing so, I would like to hear your story.

Is it $100,008 gross or net?



Commercial real estate. Commissions checks larger than that per deal.

Originally posted by @Mary B. :

Is it $100,008 gross or net?



 It will be Net Mary.

Originally posted by @Joel Owens :

Commercial real estate. Commissions checks larger than that per deal.

Commercial RE is a goal of mine as well. How would one jump into commercial ? I know the pay out is more with a longer wait time, even years. 

Land development takes years. Did that early in my career. Now I transact existing buildings. Get paid in 60 to 90 days closing. Another few months lead time educating a buyer from the discovery period to the offer period.

So can take 4 to 6 months from time they contact you but if you have a good pipeline the large checks give you years to decades of reserves.

Right now transaction volume is high with low interest rates and sellers can sell at a cap that gives them a good equity gain. In a few years I believe volume will drop off some with increased interest rates and sellers having to sell at higher cap rate which will diminish their gains to sell. In those cases many will hold with long term debt until the cycle becomes favorable again to them to dispose of the asset.

I am focused on transacting as much as possible over the next few years. I am also doing syndicates.

3 buckets:

1. My own direct investments.

2. Syndicated deals as a sponsor

3. Clients buying directly for commission checks

Looked at buying some businesses for high cash flow but I do not like minimum wage employees pushing for 15 an hour sucking out the cash flow. Investment strategies are somewhat based on who wins the next office and what policies they will push will impact business models that need lots of employees  ( food ) to operate. 


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