Property Taxes

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I was doing some research on a few multi-family homes, and there was something I came across but I'm not too sure if I understand it fully.  When looking at the description of the house it stated the property taxes amount, along with the year.  Eg: Property taxes year: 2015.

What does that mean exactly?? The property taxes do not need to be paid in 2016? I thought they were due annually?

It's probably just telling you how much the property taxes were for that year.  Property taxes can, and often do, change from year to year.

@Shakir Leatherbury Also many towns use a July 1 - June 30 tax year, and payments may be annual or split into quarterly payments. Check with the town clerk for more details.  My next tax bill is labeled as 2016 - 2017, with the first payment due August 15th.

- Tom

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