Anybody know what the multi-family cap rate is in Las Vegas, NV?

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Anybody know what the multi-family cap rate is in Las Vegas, NV?

It's kind of low, generally around 4%, 5% max. 

Depending on location 4-5% ,as mentioned,all the up and over 15% in d type areas

Really depends on the product type.

A and B units over 200 units are running 4-5.5 CAP

I have seen a couple under 100 units C properties listed in the 6-7.5 range.

Arts District has a nice 76 unit listed at a 7.27 CAP, $4.2 Million. There is a small 18 unit right off the Fremont street entertainment district at 8.28 CAP, $1 Million. 300 unit at Fremont street 8.12 CAP, $21.5 Million.

D, don't know who buys this stuff but....

7 unit in a higher crime area 12.94 CAP, $235K.

Hi guys, 

I'm new to multi family investing (currently own 7 single family properties), but does anyone have an idea of the cap rate for a 5 unit property located in old Henderson?- would appreciate even receiving a range.

Thanks guys!

That's like asking, "How much does a used car cost?" 

What is the quality of the property? What year was it built? What is the vacancy? What are the rents? What are Las Vegas' average apartment expenses? What type of loan will you get (affects cash flow)? What is the cash-on-cash return (ultimately, more important than cap rate)? What does the local commercial appraiser say? Have you talked to a local apt. lender: What do they say? 

Hi @Marc C. Let's connect I'm located in Atlanta, Ga the market is very hot here especially on multi-families 300 units now like eight or so fire damaged asking $5 million Overhaul $5 million ARV $14 million also 400 units let's chat soon.

And Cap rate are 9% or higher as 14% plus.!

@Marcus Tukes Hi Marcus, we could be interested in your current and future large multifamily transactions in Atlanta. Some partners could be interested as well. So you can send me more details if you want. Thanks. Mike

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