Charlotte, NC area investors interested in a free lunch?

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Hopefully the subject line got your attention.  :)

Maybe it is because I am from the south or just appreciate good nutrition but I love to eat.

My hope is that I could start networking with some local investors in the Charlotte, NC area to pick their brains and help me as I begin this new chapter.  - all while bribing them with food!

I thought of even becoming an intern for someone so I could see some real life deals in place but not sure my current schedule as a full time business owner will allow me to do so.

Either way, the least I can do is a cup of coffee.  Lunch is preferred though.   Thanks so much.

Sure. Let's meet for breakfast!

@Brian Mangum what part of town do you live and or work. There may be a meetup nearby that affords you the opportunity to network? Pm me or call if you prefer 

Thanks @Don Harris .  I am over in Mint Hill, NC.

I will be searching for meetups.  I also thought it important to post here to exhaust all resources.

Originally posted by @Curtis Waters :

Sure. Let's meet for breakfast!

Sure.  How is the 2nd week of November looking for you?  Matthews, NC area good for you?

Call me on Monday of that week to discuss timing.  Contact info in my signature line.

As for meetups - Hobby Millionaire meets each week on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.  I facilitate the Monday evening and Tuesday lunch meetings.

Hello! I am also looking into starting Real Estate Investing and would love to meet others who are doing the same thing. I live in the Huntersville area. I've been pouring over the resources on this website but would love to discuss some of these things firsthand.

Do any of you guys participate in the Charlotte Real Estate Investors Alliance?

Thanks for commenting @Tyler North .  The resources here are great.  I checked out CREIA but the website scared me away.  May be a good group but didn't give me a good first impression.  

I will be looking on for some groups and continuing to absorb everything here that I can for now.

@Brian Mangum (and @Tyler North ) - If you haven't seen the post for it already, there is a monthly meetup of BiggerPocket members in Charlotte HERE.  It usually attracts a good mix of experienced members and those that are just starting out.  It is a very casual event to network and learn.

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