Adding a laundry room

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I'm writing to get advice on adding a laundry room to a 4 unit building.  The units are 2/1, 750 sq ft, and there isn't room to add hookups and allow tenants to have their own washer and dryer.  There is a storage room that is a good size to turn into a laundry room.  I'm looking for advice on getting the plumbing and electrical in and what types of machines to use.

Currently we plan to have a couple of plumbers give us a quote for the work and then have our electrician add the needed electrical.  Is it worth asking a contractor to come out and bid the whole job (I'm leaning towards no)?

The storage room is adjacent to two bedrooms.  Should we plan to add soundproofing drywall to dampen the machine noise?

I'm wondering if the electrical for the laundry room can be submetered and billed to us?  We pay water for the property.

I'm just starting to look into machines and would like to have two washers and dryers.  Any recommendations on supplier to use?  Front load, top load, stackable, etc?

Thanks for any help and advice!

@Sarah D. are you planning on using coin operated machines?  Just thinking how to minimize your costs water wise.  I would also think about putting a light sensor, so that tenants don't forget to turn off the lights.

@Carolina E. yes, coin operated (or card?). Great idea about the light sensor!

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