Multi-Family Mentor-Apartment Investing

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Hello all,

What can I do to help you in your real estate business?

I am here to volunteer my time to an experienced Multi-Family apartment investor.  I am 39 living in the Orlando area but I am also willing to perform tasks virtually as well.  Currently I work two jobs and would like to volunteer 5-10 hrs a week to an investor performing any tasks necessary in order to help the investor through the process of finding a deal or through the deal itself.

I went through one real estate deal in my life and it did not go very well.  We all learn from our experiences, and that will be the last time I purchase a property that does not have positive cash flow.  The excitement of having some money in my 20's led to a poor decision and a complete money pit.  My long term goal is to leave my two jobs and become a full time investor.  I believe with some hard work and proper mentoring, we can achieve this goal in five years.  I have done the basic math on the numbers and I believe having control or owning 100 units, and I can leave those jobs in the dust.

What can I do to help you with your deals?  I have 15 plus years experience in the construction industry and also have some experience in sales. I also am getting pretty savvy connecting with professionals on Linkedin.  Finding a good deal and marketing is the hardest part of the process. This is what I need to learn. I really believe that.  Find the deal and the rest will take care of itself (of course having a good mentor by your side surely would be helpful).

So if there is an experienced multi-family investor out there would would like to give back to an aspiring investor in exchange for some elbow grease, I would love to talk a little further about how I can be of service to you.  If so, private message me and I'll set us up something on the calendar.

Thank you,

James Maglio

@James Maglio welcome and appreciate your enthusiasm. 

I am looking for some one to find amazing deals based on my investment criteria. 

If interested, please search the real estate market place for a post I made "Have $10+ million..."

I am not sure I am allowed to provide the link and want to be respectful of the BP rules.

Hi James, you should join CFRI in Orlando. They have plenty of people that may meet your criteria.