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Hi Everyone,

Getting ready to send a campaign out for Multi Family. Looking to target 20+ units and thinking of my strategy. Was thinking that for anything 100 units or less, I could use Post Cards and Yellow Letters but was hoping to get input/ examples of mail pieces that you're using or have used that have been successful for you. Or maybe just some examples of language to use that has worked. Thank you in advanced :-)

@Leslie Ray If you're marketing to folks with 20-100 units you need to thing of your target seller. Who are your sellers? They're going to be different than your typical absentee owner. If the property is cash flowing they have an asset. 

Why do folks sell assets? 

-To Cash out and 1031 to a larger asset

-To get out of the landlord business

-To cash out on a hot market

What if their property isn't cash flow positive? Chances are they're either raising funds to fix it or out of funds. I'd look into boarded complexes, complexes heavy with evictions, back taxes, stop orders, or other signs of distress. 

I would target folks who aren't holding their properties in a LLC. I would also suggest calling folks. Chances are they're getting bombarded by mailers. So call them!

@Ryan Dossey , to get the sellers ph #.... I know you can skip trace but is there another easy. I'm out of state from the MSA I'm targeting. I was thinking googling the prop address to see if they happen to have a website.... 


@Leslie Ray , we have an pdf example of the offer we have been using with the cover letter on our website and available for download. 

No matter what, congratulations and welcome to the direct mail property acquisition world. I can say with great confidence, done correctly, it yields predictable profitable results.

Honestly for that many what's your hesitation with skip tracing? You can use some free source like (solid for tracking down heirs and sometimes even contact info) 

But your time is probably better spent passing it off to a VA on or a skip tracing company to run them for you.

Honestly on a list that small I would probably do professional letters with a wet signature and hand addressed envelope. You don't have that many prospects so you're going to want to stand out. 

Ok. Ty Ryan Dossey. Great feedback.

@Jack Butala thank you too! Checked out your website and downloaded your offer letter. Ty for that.

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