How often do you have your property mowed ?

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How often do you have your apartment complex mowed ? I'm in my first year of owning my complex. My guy mows it every Monday. I am thinking of going to every 10 days next season. He keeps it looking great but I think it's overkill. I'd be curious to hear any owners/operators feedback.

Howdy @Andy N.

I use to run landscaping crews both installations and maintenance (mowing).  Weekly service is pretty standard across the industry.  You can adjust schedules for the Winter months.

You will be charged more on every 10 days .There is no savings . The grass will be taller and take him longer . The guy will have to make a special trip . They do routes ,  7 day is the norm , 10 day and it screws up the route . 

Safe, modern, and affordable (with respectful service) works well in workforce housing (which I believe is what you have).  Every other week on landscaping works for my small community (every week during March).

Matthew has it dead on. I own a lawn care and landscaping company and we don’t do every 10 day service. It’s impossible to schedule. It says 2 things, I can’t wait 2 weeks, and I’m to cheap to pay for weekly service.

Maybe you can say I am being cheap. I am just always looking for ways to cut expenses and grow my NOI.

Hi @Andy N. I have always done once a week and this year experimented with once every 2 weeks at one of my apartment buildings.  Mostly out of circumstance because I was having trouble finding a decent lawn service in the area and the one landscaper I could rely on could only do it once every 2 weeks but also because I was curious if I could cut costs.  It was not received well by my tenants and got multiple complaints.  I went and checked it out myself and admittedly it made the building look like it wasn’t being taken care of.  My experiment ended and I am now back to once a week.  So you can save a few bucks in the short term but you will likely pay for it 10 fold in vacancies and or lower rents.

@Andy N. as you stated "He keeps it looking great".

Curb appeal is everything, so keep the weekly schedule. 

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