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Hi all,

I am new to BP in the past few weeks and have been browsing until now.  My ultimate goal is to invest in apartment complexes.  I want to narrow that down a little bit and am looking for a niche.  I was curious as to people's experiences with senior living communities.  I will be browsing on here regarding this subject, but wanted to hear from people's past experiences.  It seems like a field that you could value-add quite a bit, as there are a lot of needs in this population.  What are some of people's bad experiences with this field?

Thank you in advance!

Joe Varnau

Welcome to BP. You've found the best site on the internet for real time, real estate investment advice. I'd suggest you do a search of the term and see if there's any forum posts, podcasts, etc. on the subject. I know I myself have considered various forms of senior housing, as it is a growing niche with boomers retiring. 

Also, I hope you will consider uploading a photo to your profile, as it gives your posts a more professional look. If for some reason you don't want your personal photo online, maybe a photo of a local monument, sport, or ? 

Take some time and dig in to the website and you'll find some great information. Also, be sure to participate in conversations, post responses, etc. There's a wealth of knowledge on this site, with people in every niche imaginable, and from every background you can conceive. Have fun! 

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