Recommendation on the Kansas City 64128 area

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That's a pretty rough area with quite a bit of crime, vacancy and blight. The per capita income is only about $13,500. You can see more stats here;

@Muhammad Harris Hassan I hear that alot, but i'm in the area a lot. I don't understand the dear factor of the zip code. Yes, the area has a good number of renters. However, properties south of Linwood seem to be a bit better maintained. There is a pocket of blocks with homeowners that care about their community there. 

I have a home, but i'm looking to keep it as a rental in the zip. 

I personally stick to outside of the 435 loop. The inner city has several factors that make it a riskier and harder investment to manage. I know there are people out there who make money in those areas but something to keep in mind.