Have you negotiated with your trash hauler?

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Hi guys,

I manage a 14 unit apartment in Southern California and currently have our trash hauling services with Athens.  The cost for the services rises dramatically every year.

Have you guys experienced similar issue and have tried to negotiate with them?  Do you know if there are other trash haulers that you can switch to?


Yes, I've negotiated with a trash hauler.  Not for an apartment, but same companies that provide larger services.  I googled and found other providers in my area, found their rates, then called to cancel the existing service and they offered to cut the price.  It was almost a 50% cut.

Thank you @Jon Holdman

I took a cursory glance at Republc Services around here and it looks like its at least $125 cheaper per month.

I think some cities have specific contracts that require residents to use a certain contractor. I know locally (Oakland) there's been lot of drama about this... 

@Joseph Fang If you don't have regulations forcing you to use a certain hauler, I would suggest shopping around for the best rate. Just remember, the lowest rate is not always the best option.

@Omar Khan

I will at least get a couple of offers for the same exact level of services and use them to negotiate with the current vendor.  

They are all comparable: Republic, Waste Management, and Athens.

@Joseph Fang Exactly! It's similar to rate shopping for any expense. I would suggest getting 3 bids (more isn't always better and can confuse), comparing them and talking with each vendor. 

You'll notice a difference in tone and service when they know you have multiple, written quotes and are competing for your business. 

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