South King County, Des Moines, Burien, and Tacoma Multifamily

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Hello BiggerPockets,

Long time member, sourcing deals, but need equity partners.  Finding units in South King County and Tacoma, just need help on the equity side.  
I will find (WA State Broker's License), and manage the deals for long term, cash flowing strategic holds.  Good properties, good values, some value add, good cash flow, with good tenants and in good areas.  No home runs, no grand slams or any other baseball metaphors highlighting unrealistic expectations.  Just solid real estate investments.  Let me know if this is of interest.  

If so, feel free to reach out to me here on BiggerPockets.

Thank you for your time.


What's your target ROI?

Hi Isaac. I'm shooting for a conservative 7% cash on cash ROI.

Let me know if you want to meet up and discuss further. 



Daniel, have you run this kind of deal in the past? I have several properties in my portfolio including a 4 plex I'm closing in about 10 days. 7% seems very conservative, I think you could find some deals with an cash on cash of at least 10-15% if structured and purchased correctly. I'm working a deal now that will return one of my investors around 9% on the first 12 months and and an all in cash out return on the 13th month of 20%.. Basically he will kick in $40k on one of the deals I'm working and he will share in the return on the rent roll, after 12 months he can cash out a piece of the earned equity. Not bad for all involved.. My partner and I will also have a healthy return.. I love these type of deals. Buy and hold, flip, etc.

I would possibly be interested in partnering  in a few months if you find something. 

Good luck! 

 That sounds great Chris.   I will reach out on the next deal. Thank you.

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Yes. Super conservative.  But, depending on the deal, as all deals are different, 7% cash on cash is pretty consistent if done right.  

Hi Chris, Still looking. Focused on markets like Burien and Des Moines. Opportunities exist, but ROI is still very tight.

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