Best market for 4 - 20 unit A - B class apartment buildings?

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I've fix and flipped 1 - 3 unit homes but now I'm turning my attention towards 4 - 20 unit apartment buildings in good areas. Would like to know what are best cities for investing in apartment buildings and where good deals can be found. Also what are things to look out for when looking to invest. Good advice is appreciated :)

@Alex Price the best place will probably be where you live first, and then other major cities within a two hour drive. You will always have a better competitive advantage in your own back yard than in a different city. I own a 9 unit in Berwyn, IL which is my back yard. I work as a realtor in this area helping other investors get their start, and I have tons of contractors I can call on. I also own a 20 unit in South Bend, IN. I don't have nearly as many contractors there, and I have very little competitive advantage in that market place in comparison. 

You are positioned by some very good cash flow towns in Ohio. I wouldn't waste time going further than those towns. Get to know the local apartment brokers and start saving money for the down payment!

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