Mid Size Apartments For sale - where to look

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I will admit, Im new to the entire commercial side of real estate. Using Trulia / Zillow / Craigslist, will only get you so far SFH and even 2,3,4 units but forget 50+ units. So my question is, where do you look for mid sized apartment complexes? Loopnet has a few and you can search online and see a couple here and there but there has to be a better source, what have you guys done in the past to find apartments?

It certainly is a different game than SFRs. My recommendation would be to build relationships with the top 1-2 commercial brokers from your area. In order for them to take you seriously I would make sure you begin to know the MF lingo, if you don’t already, and be responsive when they send you deals they have...most folks don’t even get back to them so if you are doing so it already puts you at the forefront.


@Dave S. Most of these deals are controlled by brokers. Go on Loopnet and find the top 5 brokerages with listings and reach out to the agents and asked to be put on their buyer's list. They may ask you your criteria, so try to be as specific as possible.  Another option is to go to search CCIM and type in a search for brokers in your area.

You could try to talk to wholesalers or find off-market deals, but if you're new you may not get much traction if you're still learning about the commercial side.