Tenant caused water damage to unit below

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Hey BP! One of my tenants in an upstairs unit left the kItchen sink water running for a long time and the water went through the floors and damaged the unit below. Upstairs tenant says it was an accident but also claims that the broken caulking on the sink caused the water go through the sink into the unit below. Water damaged the drywall below and damaged the wood floors, and with some light fixture damage. I’m obviously going to charge the extent of his security deposit, around $1000, but there is definitely more costs than that. My question is, do I charge him and if so how do you go about doing that? Is this grounds for eviction? He is always on time and he used to manage the 4 unit for the previous owner. I’ll post pictures if requested

First off...require your tenant to have renter insurance and add YOU as an additional insured. This will not cost him to add you as an AI, and you could attempt to file a claim against his renter insurance policy.

Now, assuming the tenant does not have a renter insurance policy in place, you are in a difficult position of filing an claim against your own policy.

I'm not an insurance agent, but, you may want to speak to your agent right away for more ideas.