Apartment Package Lockers - Good Bad and Ugly - What's your view?

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I've looked at a number of properties lately where part of the value add is to improve amenities while also upgrading interior units.  A key and feasible amenity that seems to be missing from older properties are package lockers.

There are a host of vendors out there and Amazon even has their own proprietary system.  I saw an article in this month's Units magazine on a newer innovative one called Hello Package.   

I checked and there doesn't appear to be a thread on this topic. I'd love to see if we can leverage the collective experience of BP and have a discussion on Package Lockers.   Here are some general questions I'd love to get back from BP.

Up Front Costs

Ongoing Costs

Revenue from Tenants

Ease of Use

Maintenance Issues

Overall Impression / Would you use them again?

One issue is the availability of space. Is that space better utilized as something else for the small ROI. Also, some apartment communities like the communication that it creates with the tenant coming in to grab a package from the office.

Overall, it creates some efficiency and convenience and lowers employee costs for handling the mail. I don't think it really brings in revenue. 

This is something I have been thinking about as well.

I'm about to close on a 16 unit property that has a full basement and I am thinking of ways to either get more income from it or provide more value to the residents for their dollar. 

@Greg Scott if you decide to give it a try, I'd love to hear how it goes.