Meet ups in massachusetts

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I am looking to meet up with investors to learn how to get started in my area. I have experience in all phases of excavation and landscape. Any suggestion would be appreciated

We had a small meetup this month and plan to do it again Jan. 13th 6 pm at the Tavern on the Warf in Plymouth. I believe there's another group called Colonial RE investment group that meets at the same location, you can find more about that group through the meetup app. And I think there's another group called black diamond real estate investing that has regular meetings but I haven't been able to attend one of those yet

Tim, Black Diamond meets on the 3rd Tues, alternating months between Worcester and Waltham.  Your profile doesn't say where you are located.  This January, our venue restaurant has just gone out of business, so we are searching for a new location, so stay tuned for when we find one.  You can find our events here on Bigger Pockets, on our website which I think I can't post, and on meetup.

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