Syndicating deals as FINRA member employee.

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Hey Everyone

I was hoping to get some insight into the nuances of syndicating commercial real estate deals while simultaneously being FINRA registered for my day job. (6,7,63,66)

I was wondering if it is possible to be a partner in a firm that syndicates deals under 506(b) and 506(c) designations without violating the terms set out by FINRA, which i bound to for my current day job. My biggest concern would be falling into the camp of having to register as a broker dealer with the SEC as this is something prohibited.

Any insight here would be much appreciated.



@John Kiley

Don't know your full story but have a friend who was working for a brokerage. He was not allowed to syndicate. However he was allowed to passive invest in syndications.

A good first stop for you is your day job's Compliance Department. They will be able to clarify what's allowed.

Thanks for this thread! Can someone clarify if I am in a similar job as John Kiley is, registered for Series 7 and 63, am I allowed to purchase rental property on my own, or with a co-owner, and make rental income?