Best banks or institutions for multi property loans?

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What banks or institutions do you recommend for loans for multifamily properties (more than 4 units up to 50 units)?

Which are the least complicated to get the loan?

@Alberto Murra it depends on the property size, price, condition, occupancy and many more factors.

Agency debt  Freddie and Fannie have strict criteria. Ie. minimum loan balance, occupancy, borrowers net worth and liquidity requirements etc etc. 

If you are starting out without knowledge, i suggest you talk to local banks and mortgage broker. 

Also consider obtaining some sort of education.... 

@Alberto Murra a quick rule of thumb: if your property is less than $1M go with a local bank, if it's $1-$5M go with a lender that offers direct Fannie small balance or Freddie SBL loans and if you are greater than $5M go with a lender that offers direct Fannie or Freddie multifamily loans. If you need a lender for greater than $1M please message me and I will give you a few names.