Multiple AC drain line clogs and overflows

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Hey guys, I own 45 units, mostly small multi family, so I’m very accustomed to dealing with AC drain line clogs, backing up, drain pans overflowing etc. I basically keep a shop vac and fans in the back of my truck at all times.

However, I just bought an 8plex a few months ago, and the drain lines in every unit seem to clog, backup, overflow etc about once a week.

It seems like every week a tenant is calling about wet carpet.

My AC units are inside a closet, elevated, with the drain lines and cap exposed for easy access.

I typically go in and shop vac the water in the ac closet and then dry it out and the carpet.

This property just seems to have too many occurrences of this happening. Any ideas what I can do?

Every time I go dry one I shop vac out the line, and I pour a little Clorox down the drain line also. This hasn’t been helping with this specific property. Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

@Dustin Hood   honestly sounds like there are some issues with the HVAC (Obviously) thats juts something you will need to address.  these are things that should be checked and inspected within the Due Diligence timeframe prior to going unconditional on the purchase.

What to do???  

Call around license HVAC contractors and ask them for a quote for servicing these 8 units. try get a discount "bulk order" .  last time i changes lines it was $800. 

Let us know how you getting on and why is it happening....