Submetering water in North Carolina

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Hi! Looking for information on sub metering water for a 5 unit apartment complex. I have done this on 400 unit plus properties but never a community this small. Property is located in Burlington NC outside of Raleigh/Durham. Any suggestion on who to use or any experience for this size property? 



You can call the city water dept and ask them. You should also be able to do a google search for the area. Greensboro is close so a you could check there as well as many contractors come out of that area.

You might reach out to Guardian Water in Raleigh - they make the submeters themselves. They may know of plumbers in the Burlington area too who are familiar with installing the meters, and could give you an installation quote. It sounds great - investors are pushing it - but there are issues. I was going to submeter for a 24 unit I recently bought but then got a plumbing quote which was surprisingly high, since unit plumbing had to be brought up to code, forcing additional costs and not so exciting return on capital. Second, the property management firm wasn't high on it - they'd had problems with submetering before (the PM manages it so they need to be comfortable with it, including chasing down late/no payments, etc.). Finally you may need to get approval from the NC Utilities Commission to submeter - apparently not that difficult, but an extra step. So I moved away from submetering for now, may come back to it later.

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