Hello all Real Estate investors! My name is Fouad Anawis, and I'm a 17 year old (18 in 1 month) living in Chicago Illinois and am going to become a REI specializing in multi family properties. I'm reaching out to all investors, preferably in Chicago, that can mentor me in rental investing, and in exchange, it would be a pleasure to work for you/your business to get a hands-on learning experience. I want to provide 100% of my value to you, and help you outsource some of your "side work" (by doing basic contractors' work, scheduling appointments, organizing papers and mail, and all the other side things involved in RE). I have great math skills, a very strong work ethic, common sense (which isn't as common anymore 😂), social/interpersonal skills, and more, all of which I believe can benefit you and take off some of your monotonous work load, while helping me learn the business hands on, which I see as a win-win. I would VERY much appreciate any and all opportunities you might know of. Thank You!!