Looking for Multifamily Houses in Jersey

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@Hassan Tahir Depends on what your looking for with your investments. Looking for good cash flow? My market - south jersey has good cash flowing properties. Looking for normal returns? low risk? Look at central jersey or north jersey. 

South Jersey has great areas for cash flow. We focus in that area and if you need any questions answered I'm here to help. 

@Hassan Tahir Jersey City, Bayonne and Newark have been great places to invest over the last few years and there are still some good deals around but you have to look really hard because it’s very competitive. I also like Elizabeth for small multi families as well. Try to stay within walking distance of the rail lines as you’ll have a better chance if getting tenants with good paying NYC jobs.

@Hassan Tahir I think @Keven Vanegas stated it well. South Jersey is chock full of cashflowing multi-families. All the lower counties have good deals, especially Gloucester County, Salem County, Cumberland County, and Atlantic County where taxes are much lower compared to up north. I've got multi-families close to Philly like where you described (Gloucester City, Westville, Brooklawn) and some more south like Millville and Vineland. Feel free to DM me if you want to talk more about the area.

I second comments above from @Keven Vanegas and @Mike Bonadies . You hear people talk about high jersey taxes and “I don’t want to invest there” mentalities because of the them, but you can get some real nice cash flow. A recent article names New Jersey schools as #2 in the country so that doesn’t hurt, either. And you always have the location part down as the proximity is close NY, Philly, Delaware and even DC. 

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