New Build 120 (2 bedroom units) 2 - 60 unit buildings

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I closed on 4 acres that is located in the township (no waters\sewer) but city is all around sides of the lot and multi-family is in the cities smart growth plan.  I have hired a site plan engineer to create the water plan so we can start taking some clean fill, he is also working through the annexation\developers agreement to get the water\sewer extended.  We are looking at building 3 storey of apartments and underground parking. I have started the interview process for architects but thats about as far as I have got.  Any advice from fellow BPers that have done this before would be great.  I will document my progress on this thread through the whole process.  I am an open book so once I learn I will share!  I am hoping to start building winter of 2020/2021.  Thank you

@Ryan Wessel there is a whole lot to the process. I never close on land until I get all the entitlements, permits approvals etc. You never know what the city will do. Shoot me a PM if you would like to discuss in more detail.