Real Estate Development

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I am currently a project intern for a larger contractor in Southern California whole I finish my degree and have been reading up on some small scale development projects to hopefully jump into post graduation.

Experienced developers, what guidance could you offer to those interested in starting at the ground level? Any and all advice is greatly appreciated!

@Blake Biby Go to work for the best in the business doing what you ultimately want to do and learn all you can, ask a lot of questions, develop and maintain relationships with developers, investors and other industry professionals. 

I worked as a Code Enforcement Officer for years and watched many development groups come to the table with their projects. The best development groups had a team with an experienced Architect and Attorney that could navigate the local zoning and planning board meetings. They could be creative with the property to get the highest and best use out of it. Use professionals who have been through the process before, it will save you a lot of time and money.