Recent College Alum and brand new to real estate- Advice?

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Hello, I've recently moved on from college and am now in the workforce, but so desperately want financial independence. I know that real estate is a very real way to achieve this goal and that's why I've joined BiggerPockets. I'm interested in investing in Multi-Family Units but would like if others out there could not only provide advice on how best to do well in the industry, but also provide your story on:

1. What you did during your first Multi-Family investment and how you achieved it

2. Things you wish you could have done differently

Also, as of now, my rough plan for getting started is to put 20% down for a conventional loan on a duplex, live there for 2 years, then afterwards put 20% down on a single family home while keeping the duplex as a rental property. Is this a solid plan?

@Vaughn Bernard yes house hacking is a great way to get started. 

The main thing is you want to learn as much as you can about the market and the types of property you want to invest in. You could also find a job with a real estate firm or development firm that does what you ultimately want to do.

My best advice to you is never stop learning, never stop educating yourself, you can always learn more you can always go deeper.