Hey guys,  I live in Belmont NC and the property im looking at is in Lancaster,sc and its almost an hour away but I work about 20 minutes from the property.

Here are the pictures https://nextcloud.42l.com/inde...

This duplex has 2 power and water meters and is almost 2k sqft.  One unit is being rented for about 450 but she states she hasnt raised rents because the tenants are good.  On the tenants side its a 3br single bath and the other unit has no tenant and need some repairs. That side is 2br and 1 bath but has some stairs (halfway up the wall) that leads to a spacious 2 more rooms that could potentially be turned into another bedroom.

She is asking 40k and the house appraised in 2018 for 28k  It is the nicest house on the street and is in a hot area.

I am estimating around $5k in repairs but the arv is low.

Can anyone help me decide since this is my first property if this is a good deal.  Im not used to seeing these houses go for so cheap just an hour away it baffles me.

Thank you -Tommy