Syndicators / Multifamily Investors near Erie, PA

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I'd like to invest in Multifamily properties and would like to speak with someone who has experience in syndication/partnerships on small/mid-size Multifamily properties (20-50 units). I currently have SFR's and moving into MF. Anyone near Erie, PA care to help a newbie? Thanks!

@John Sangl are you looking to invest in a syndication, purchase your own deals or are you looking for a mentor?

Brant place to start is educating yourself on the market and the business in general. 

You can start by looking at deals in your market and study the offering memorandum to familiarize yourself with the numbers etc. and study the market demographics, rents, demand etc. 

there may be some multifamily meetups in your area to attend. Also you can join Facebook groups and connect with others in your area as well.

Jason Pero is based in Erie and invests in that area. He appeared on my show, that episode goes live tomorrow.

@John Sangl , I second the referral to Jason Pero. I have not invested with him, but we’ve spoken about his business and projects, and he tops my list of syndicators when it comes to integrity and longevity.

@Greg Dickerson I am looking to purchase deals thru syndication.  I will be starting on the smaller side initially.  I am fairly knowledgeable on the local market(definitely could learn more), but may seek deals outside my current area(which is Erie, PA).  I've used several resources via BiggerPockets, podcasts and books on the topic and now I'm ready to move from those sources and get things in motion.  Thanks for the additional tips!

@Taylor L. I'll listen to your podcast with Jason Pero.  Thanks for the tip.  I know of Jason, but have not met him personally. 

@Jonathan Schwartz  Thanks for the reply.  I'll reach out to Jason.  

Thanks to each of you for your time & advice!

@John Sangl I have been investing in multifamily syndications and other types of syndications for the past several years. 14+ and counting, I have lots I can share; however if you're set on PA, then I have only invested with (1) group "PPR Note Company". They offer private note lending funds, secured mostly in 1st lien positions. Hope that helps. Feel free to DM anytime.

@John Sangl

John, I’m based in Rochester and do deals in Buffalo, Erie and down to Pittsburgh. Feel free to reach out. Happy to answer any questions about the markets or investing in general.

I used to do debt and equity financing in these markets to the tune of a few hundred million dollars so I know then well and I love talking shop.

@Travis Watts   Have you been the GP of a Syndication or are investing as a Limited Partner?  I'm more interested in running the Syndication myself.  

@Derek Carroll   Thanks for the reply!  Looks like you have the experience I'm looking for.  I'm earlier in the game than you are for sure but looking to grow.  Is there a best time to call you?  Feel free to DM me.