Multi family meet up around San Francisco Bay Area ?

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I'm up in San Francisco if you're in the city.  If you have to make your way up here during the workday we can grab some coffee.

Though I checked your profile and you're investing at a caliber higher than me personally.

@Johnny Awwad : I live a little further south than you, but there are a ton of them in the area, and as @Tj Hines says, almost all of them are on

My favorites are:

SF Bay Area Real Estate Investing Club - this is a very casual meetup. Mostly just networking and chatting. No pitches, beyond whomever decides to show up and talk to you.

Fremont-Apartment-Investors-Multifamily-U - run by Neal Bawa, who is a syndicator and educator. Very rich content presented by a very smart guy. Expect a no-pressure (and totally reasonable) pitch for his deals and services.

Los-Gatos-Real-Estate-Networking-Meetup - nuts and bolts presentations given by a group of 4 experienced syndicators. Expect content a little skewed toward the DFW (dallas fort worth) markets, as that's where the mainly operate. Soft-pitch for their upcoming deals. Don't miss their "bare-all" apartment deal retrospectives, where they talk about everything that went right and *wrong* in their last full-cycle deal!

Hope that helps!

James Kojo

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