Had anyone invested passively in multifamily syndication deals?

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Has anyone invested passively in multifamily syndication des with nighthawk equity (Michael Blank)?

Who has had good and bad experience investing passively in multifamily syndication deals? Any recommendations of general partners (syndicators)

Thank you for your feedback!

@Julian Ramirez luna I haven’t invest in Michael blanck company, but i know a lot about him.

He’s one of the best syndicators on this game,

Big , proven and experienced person in this industry.

You also can look for Ashcroft capital , Praxis capital, there’s a lot of them just make sure

You do your own do diligence about who you

Decided to work with.

Good luck.

@Eduardo Calle I was looking at that one, but they are just accepting accredited investors only at this point. What do you think about Cardona capital? I have heard a lot from grant Cardona, but I would like to do more due diligence in that one and see what other people have had experienced with them.

Thank you

@Julian Ramirez luna there are other operators who will get you better returns than going with cardone. To answer your original question, no I have not invested with Michael Blank. I have also never seen his webinars or investment packets so wouldn't be able to critique on that front. Vet in this order and you will have the best chance to make sound investments. 1. Sponsorship Team 2. Market 3. Deal  

@Julian Ramirez luna Reading your post, I think what you're trying to find out is more of:

1. What syndicator(s) would I "like" to work with? [I'm using "like" in the lightest way possible]


2. Who would my align of interest best match with? 

Typically, MF deals range between 3 - 7 years, so make sure that whoever you partner with is someone you have an alignment of interest with, as that is much more important than the deal, of course, until you actually make contact with a syndicator and interview them.

After you do that, then you would be able to learn more about the returns you can get and what their risk appetite is, the syndicator's main investment strategy, and a whole lot of other factors.   

Just wanted to highlight some other points when it comes to selecting a syndicator to partner with. 

Hope this helps.