RE Coaching and RE Programs

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Are they any known reputable RE Coaches or programs in the D.C., Maryland area? I would like to join a company or group that can guide me through some deals.

Hey @Justin Lukus I'd recommend you check out Credible Coaching with Brentin Hess. He's been in the business about 7 years, has a bunch of rental properties and has done many flips in the DMV area. Been coaching about 4 years I believe. I'm actually in the process of signing up with him myself. (

More generally, you should be able to find some good guidance through the Maryland Investor Network's facebook group. Mark Owens hosts a Friday lunch every week in Baltimore that may be of interest. 

Thanks to both of you. I have been looking into Marks' program but he doesn't really coach. I think I will still join because I heard nothing but good about him and his program. @Eric Ramsay I will look into Brentin Hess also. Hopefully, I will meet you guys at one of the events!

Im a pretty big anti coaching person in general. Im friends with Brentin, and can vouch for him being knowledgeable and a good guy. But why pay someone tons of money basically just to keep yourself accountable. Keep yourself accountable for free. 

I think for real estate agents coaching can be helpful to springboard your business, but for investing it's very market-specific and personality-driven. I'm not saying REI coaching won't help, but the truth is that you can find most of what you need in these forums or by networking with local investors. All of us at one time tagged along with someone else and learned a ton that way. Most coaching systems are built for general theory and computation and REI is all about knowing your market inside and out and having the connections in it to find deals and close them. If you do need accountability you could find some newer local investors and hold each other accountable. But just like Russell above, I personally know Brentin and he is a very good guy who you could learn from. I'm just not an advocate of REI coaching as a systematic approach.

@Justin Lukus Im not from the DMV area, but what you may find that there are better operators and coaches that you can attain the info you're looking for across the country. The top producers in this space may or may not be from your area