Hi i need some feedbacks on this deal.

I buy a triplex of 6 1/2 side to side from year 2018. So its brand NEW and i still got 4 years to move up the rent.

Each units have 2 rooms one complet bathroom second floor. And one room and familly room basement.

The deal price is 711 500$

Income 46200$/year

Taxes total 6200$/year

Expenses snow and grass 800$/year

I dont know how to budget vacancy.

Insurance 2400$/year.

Taxe bienvenue 11280$

3 cabanons includ.

2 parking each.

Balcony and small back yard.

Cashdown on 144000$

Loan 569200$ on 2 years fixe at 2.69% on 30 years amortissement.

So do you guys like this??

But the original plan is the subdivision units. And to sell them after building a bathroom in basement to make it convinien. Bathroom guess 5k each expenses for the selling plan.

That kind of house selling around 250k to 300k in town.

Estimate sell 285k