Unloved and underappreciated

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Wandering around the Internet, I came across two multi-family properties located next to each other.

One is a 2-door, built in 1900, 1,893 Sqft, 0.6 acres, priced at 235,000

The other is a 4-door, built within the past 50 years, 3,500-4,000 Sqft,  2.5 acres, priced at $129,000.

Why such a difference in pricing?  The first property is a duplex and the second - an MHP.


It stands to reason that either MF properties are overpriced or mobile homes underpriced or both.

@Alex G. one is on a lake. That is going to increase the value a lot. People can ask whatever they want. Asking price is not necessarily near true market value.