Atlanta Lithonia GA investment info

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Just wanted to see what are your thoughts about investing in Lithonia. Is this a good area to buy in as an investor or is it as bad as city of Atlanta? Is this a good rental area or flip area? Will definitely appreciate any feedbacks or pointers from investors who owns rental properties in this area.

@Sara Parker many investors including ourselves look for job growth, population growth, room for rent growth, larger MSA, diverse workforce and employment, and landlord-friendly. These are just a few on a high level that would then make us dig deeper into the market and submarkets. If Lithonia checks a lot of the boxes above then it could make sense to pursue. 

Hi @Sara Parker , Lithonia is a C to B class area, working class and supports Atlanta employers. The City of Atlanta isn't "bad" - there are pockets like anywhere as well as opportunity. Lithonia likely has pockets as well that are bad. I don't get over to Lithonia too often, but it is similar to many suburbs of Atlanta, there are nicer neighborhoods and worse ones. Look harder at the submarkets of each market. 

@Sara Parker Interested to hear if you ended up investing in Lithonia. I too came across some properties here that are worth a closer look. Although in looking at the crime records, I see the city of Lithonia has one of the highest in the Atlanta area. Interested if you are investing there, or if you ultimately did not, what made you change your mind? Thanks!