Best location for multi family homes in Oklahoma City

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Looking to get into multi family investing in the Oklahoma City/Edmond area. If you have knowledge on the best locations to buy and hold please add. Looking for properties with light rehabs, cosmetics, flooring, simple rehabs. Don’t want to invest in bad areas and have to deal with troubled tenants. Here to learn, share your thoughts!

@Obi Emegano

Hello we invest in all areas of Oklahoma City! There are quite a few areas that are great for rentals. Anywhere Nw would be good, Edmond, and urban core just to make a few

Please feel free to reach out and connect . Would love to sit down and talk more in person.

@Obi Emegano there is a pocket in NE OKC where prices might be best and the numbers will look the best for doing a light rehab, but if problem tenants are a bigger concern to you, then you might run into trouble. I've got a map that outlines different areas and what to expect from them, but it's not letting me upload. 

My response to where is the best place to find multifamily is really wherever you can get a deal. Multifamily that's priced right is scarce here. Hook up with a team that can advise you on what's good and what's not and pull the trigger quickly if you find multifamily that hits your goals. Location is less important if the property's history shows that it performs and you have a property manager that will take care of any issues for you!

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