I’m 17 love RE, what state is the best to start investing

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Congrats @Iva Kadagidze at starting in the game so young! I live in Memphis, TN and would always recommend Memphis! Great cash flow town! Although where you move is really irrelevant as you can usually find a great market or sub market to invest, in a couple hours drive from anywhere!

@Iva Kadagidze, wow, I can tell you that Real Estate was nowhere near my radar when I was your age, so props to you. First, make sure it suits your lifestyle, or you won't be happy, and so there really is no point. Once you figure that out, look for places with strong population and job growth, urban or suburban development, and maybe a community that can cater to small multifamily, so you can do a house hack in a duplex or 4 unit. If you look at a site like www.bestplaces.net, it will show job trends, population trends, and even people's opinions on the towns ( sort of like reviews). City-data.com will show similar stats, and show crime heat maps, so you can stay out of the hood. Best of luck!