Adding a third unit to a two-flat??

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Has anyone converted a two-flat to a three-flat?  If so, what is a guess on adding The building I am looking at has a very spacious attic (7 foot peak) and I am considering converting it into a 3rd bedroom or adding a whole other unit (assuming the title and zoning allow it).  The property is in a Chicago suburb.  

Does anyone have a guestimate on what this would cost?

Thank you.

@Scott M. Fletcher - That definitely sounds like an awesome plan.  I've found that it's always harder than it appears it should be.  The zoning and actual building code will definitely be your biggest hurdles.  

Estimating something like that is pretty hard without some more information.   What's the square footage?  What type of mechanicals will need to be up there?  

You'll need two stairs if you want to actually add a unit.

@Scott M. Fletcher which suburbs is this located in? That can answer your question right there as over 1/2 the suburbs would never let you add a unit period. I have normally found that an attic or basement space can more be easily added to another unit than if you try to make it a separate unit. A lot of the walk up attics can make a great 3rd bedroom to a 2 bedroom apartment for instance. 

Also, as soon as you start adding plumbing fixtures you will begin triggering a new water service in most of these suburbs. That adds 9-12k easily to your overall project cost!