Master Lease Agreement for an apartment complex

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My passion is all things real estate!! Hi, my name is Crystal Lou. I'm the Founder and CFO of a turn-key custom millwork company in the Atlanta, GA, area. Also, a real estate investor, Founder, and CEO of CLou Capital.

I would love to do a master lease agreement to run an apartment complex or somehow to buy an apartment complex and partner on deals. I'm all about adding value and the grind! I love learning, building relationships, and making a difference in this world!

Let me know if you would love to meet face to face or video conferencing. I'm willing to go above and beyond for my clients to make their dreams a reality. I have the grit, determined and cour to accomplish anything that comes in our way.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you,

Cru is

@Crystal Lou hello and welcome! nice to see the drive and excitement! We own a 6 unit building in Iowa and are looking to place it into a commercial master lease. Just completed a major renovation funded in part with a state grant so we cannot sell out right at this time.  We need to free up operations to focus on other projects and a CML seems like a viable approach. 

It is under solid property management locally so if you're up for a long distance opportunity pls let me know! Thanks!