Will QCRE kill commercial real estate??

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Joel Owens Verified Moderator

Commercial Real Estate Broker from Canton, Georgia

Jul 01 '11, 03:15 AM

What does everyone think?? If this passes it could really kill a recovery and would make a great reason along with low interest rates to buy as much as you can as fast as you can now before it goes into affect.

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Darryl Dahlen Donor

Commercial Loan Officer from Southern Maine, Maine

Jul 01 '11, 03:24 AM

If that bill were to pass it would have severe consequences. Who in their right mind would even consider implementing a rule where a business had to service the debt with a DSCR of 1.7?

That's not even close to practical, let alone realistic.

Douglas Wolf

Real Estate Investor from allentown, Pennsylvania

Jul 01 '11, 04:22 AM

Whos great idea was this?

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