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I built a house on a large plot of land that could easily accommodate multiple homes. Originally we wanted to build multiple homes on it but only got approval to build one. Now that it has been built, is there any chance we could get approval for another, even though we were denied before? Does anyone have any tips or tricks on this? Is there any kind of expert that could help me with this?


Could you provide a little more info? What was the original basis for the denial? Aside from that, the first thing I would do is explore subdividing into multiple lots. Usually you can put a primary structure on each lot.

@Travis McCarthy   What is the zoning of the property? What are minimum lot sizes allowed? Zoning is what determines what you can and can't do. If your property has the zoning and is big enough to be split into smaller lots, with utilities, etc. available to service the new lots, and water, you should be able to split it. 

As to "multiple lots' what are you talking? Each state has their own laws concerning what is considered a subdivision which requires approval by the State. In California, it's over 4 lots. Also, it may be necessary to put in curb gutter and sidewalk, and there has to be enough land to begin with in order to meet the criteria. 

If you have a large enough parcel, the zoning is correct etc., you might want to go talk to a civil engineer and ask them their thoughts on such a split. They know the set backs that will be required from other properties, for landscaping, curb, gutter, sidewalk. Also, is there already a paved roadway to service the parcel? 

The devil is in the details. You need to do your homework. Have fun.

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