Hottest Trends from the International Builders Show

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Hi @Lynn Currie  

- thanks for sharing!  I feel like Idaho builders are following a lot of these trends right now.  I love the white kitchen...but part of me wonders if we are all going to be looking at white kitchens in 2030 and saying that they "scream 2015"?  

I hadn't thought about the more subdued entryways...but I think that is natural as people lean more towards craftsmen and modern styles vs. the Tuscan style villas of a decade ago. 

Interesting article! 

Jonna Weber, Real Estate Agent in ID (#SP41257)

Agreed @Jonna Weber  !

I read a book called The Not So Big House about 10ish years ago when I was remodeling my own house and one of the things the author talked about was huge entries and how they make houses feel. Ever since then, I can't look at those entries the same!

I'm guessing that part of that though, is the size of the house. I can't imagine that someone with a 5000+ sq. ft wouldn't want an entry to separate things.

Different strokes.

Hey Lynn - I love your site; you're just up the street, I may have to drive up one day and check out some of your projects and ride thru the East End!